• Foundational Lessons

    8 Lessons
    • Foundational Lessons - $30.00
    • I Want It All (Bundle) - $79.95

    To build a house, you must first build the foundation. These lessons will rebuild the way you view human behavior as they are the framework for your growth. We’ll explore the instinctual nature of men and women, what choices we can make to engage in partnership, and understand a man’s ‘Worth it calculation.’ Roll up […]

  • The Stages of Development

    5 Lessons
    • Stages of Development - $20.00
    • I Want It All (Bundle) - $79.95

    Men transition through specific phases as they age. Leverage men’s focus and needs at differing stages in their lives to empower, understand them, and produce results.  These lessons reference the classical stages known as: ‘Pages,’ ‘Knights,’ ‘Princes,’ ‘Kings,’ and ‘Elders.’ These stages are the epitome of honor and integrity as their purpose was to protect […]

  • The Plan

    4 Lessons
    • The Plan - $20.00
    • I Want It All (Bundle) - $79.95

    Have you ever wondered personally or professionally, “What’s the plan?” or, “How are we going to do this?” Use the instinctive planning cycles of men and women to achieve success, reclaim energy, and, most importantly, have everyone moving in the same direction.

  • Understanding Male Etiquette

    4 Lessons
    • Understanding Male Etiquette - $20.00
    • I Want It All (Bundle) - $79.95

    Men and women have fundamentally different points of view regarding team, loyalty, and privacy. Learn the distinction to bridge the gap between the opposing sexes. Get ready to roll up your sleeves as this topic will challenge you to the core.

  • Create Connection Through Understanding

    3 Lessons
    • Create Connection Through Understanding - $10.00
    • I Want It All (Bundle) - $79.95

    You know that feeling when your mental, emotional, or physical space is highjacked by someone or something? Those are moments when you’ve needed transition time. Become conscious of transition time to create harmony across your relationships. Have you ever struggled to get the family out the door on time? By understanding the energetic phenomenon of […]