Foundational Lessons

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Foundational Lessons

Lessons Included: 12-month access to 6 e-course lessons. (15 pages worth of content)

  • Introduction
  • Human Animal
  • Human Spirit
  • Duality of Mankind: Hunting Mode
  • Duality of Mankind: Gathering Mode
  • Worth it Calculation
  • Partnership Choices
  • Conclusion


I Want It All (Bundle)

12-month access to 30 e-course lessons (86 pages worth of content). Courses Included:

  • Foundational Lessons
  • Stages of development
  • The plan
  • Understanding Male Etiquette
  • Create connection through understanding
  • Harnessing Single Focus to Create Connection (Free)
  • Communication
  • Piercing Illusions
  • Competition and ambition explained


To build a house, you must first build the foundation. These lessons will rebuild the way you view human behavior as they are the framework for your growth. We’ll explore the instinctual nature of men and women, what choices we can make to engage in partnership, and understand a man’s ‘Worth it calculation.’ Roll up your sleeves, let’s get ready to dig deep!