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Deepen your romantic relationships, family dynamics and professional partnerships with men to create more connections and eliminate disconnect? Start learning the hidden language of men today.

Are you tired of?

feeling UNSEEN, UNHEARD, and MISUNDERSTOOD and taken for granted by the man/men in your life?

getting ONE-WORD answers from your spouse or son? Apparently, “fine” and “good” make up the majority of their vocabulary.

feeling like you’re RAISING THE KIDS by yourself as your husband is always unavailable?

seeing UNFINISHED PROJECTS around the house and yard?

having to hear the same stories OVER and OVER again from the man/men in your life?

being SINGLE or feeling like you’ll always be the bridesmaid versus the bride?

I’m no miracle worker, and I can’t change men’s behaviour. You probably can’t either. However, we can learn and understand their behaviour, leveraging that knowledge to bring you peace, contentment, and connection. My promise to you is that my e-course will produce results when you are ready and willing to embark on a journey of self-reflection as well as a perspective shift. If you find that this program doesn’t align with your needs, I guarantee a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. I’d be honoured to facilitate and guide you on this journey. You will find that men are eager for an opportunity to protect and provide for you.
What my wonderful students have to say
“All of this was amazing information, especially working in a male dominated industry. I wish I would have read this years ago. This should be an elective course in college for women in non-traditional roles. I really loved the quotes from men you interviewed, it helped me visualize the content from a male point of view. This made me make sense of alot of male and even some of my own behavior tendencies’ “
Heather Bulter

“Vanessa, thank you for inviting me to step outside my comfort zone! Not only do I have a better understanding of how my husband thinks/works, I also have a much healthier relationship with my step and biological dad(s). I learned so much about myself; I take the time to transition from working to being a wife/daughter/sister and friend. Just that small change gives me great mental clarity and prepares me for whatever task is next. I appreciate you more than these few words can express. Light and love”
Aynsley Carpino

“Learning this powerful information from Vanessa has helped me to better understand my husband AND myself! She helped explain what drives our primal behaviors and how to transcend those so we can be in partnership together- something both me and husband ultimately wanted!”
Lauren Scherger

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I am Vanessa Lusignan, a connection specialist, licensed and certified in Understanding Men through PAX programs with Alison Armstrong.

I’ve spent 16 years in a fast-paced, highly demanding, and dynamic male-dominated work environment, 8 of those years as a frontline supervisor. This occupational experience, coupled with multiple failed relationships and being raised with three older brothers, challenged my knowledge and understanding of males. I’ve witnessed firsthand the miscommunication between genders. In any form, miscommunication has the potential for high consequence scenarios in the workplace to hurt feelings and resentment in personal relationships.

My drive and desire to understand the reasons behind the communication breakdowns led me to become certified in Understanding Men, where I tirelessly interviewed and learned directly from the target source–Men of all ages! The course lessons that I offer are curated from that knowledge purposely directed to support women who want to deepen their connection with men through illuminating perspective traps and shifting the lens on understanding.

After personally applying this knowledge, I have built open and communicative relationships across all areas of my life. My career thrives, as stress and frustration have been transformed into understanding, curiosity, and appreciation. I kicked heartache to the curb and married an incredible man, and our partnership has become a learning opportunity that leaves our unique personalities preserved and strengthened.

I can show you the way…

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